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Web Scripts

All of these scripts have been thoroughly tested in a UNIX environment and therefore they should run fine on your web site. If your site is hosted on a Windows machine, then you'll have to make some modifications to make them run.

Be sure to checkout these download/install tips.

smcCal v2.1
This is a web based calendar program. It displays a nicely formatted, easy to read calendar on a web page, driven by a simple text file containing the calendar events. Also, take a look at the following links:
smcCal Documentation
Live Sample Calendar

downloadsmcCal.tar • 40 KB • Sat 02-Jun-2001

This script displays a random image and logs the fact that the image was displayed. I use it to track the display of sponsor ads. Then I use the log file for billing.

downloadsmcAdShow.pl • 6 KB • Mon 21-Dec-1998

This script tracks click-throughs on images (or text links). It is ideal for tracking how many times your sponsor's ad is clicked on. The script can be referenced from the above smcAdShow.pl script to provide complete logging functionality for impressions and click-throughs.

downloadsmcAdTrack.pl • 3 KB • Mon 21-Dec-1998

This is a simple text counter with file locking. Each HTML file that calls this script will have its own corresponding file to store the counter value.

downloadsmcCount.pl • 6 KB • Mon 21-Dec-1998

This script will display the current date and time in any time zone in the world. It is already preconfigured to use most time zones in the United States; but it can be easily modified to use any zone you want. And, yes, it handles daylight savings time. Here's smcDate.sh in action:

In De Pere, Wisconsin it is Mon 15-Jul-2024 at 06:56:18.

downloadsmcDate.sh • 3 KB • Mon 21-Dec-1998

This script is used to display friendly web server error messages to your visitors. For example, if a visitor goes to an invalid URL, you can give them a nice error message (with your logo) instead of the usual "404 Not Found" message. This is also helpful if you just moved a bunch of files around on your web site, making many old URLs invalid. If a user uses a bookmark to go to an old URL, they can get a custom message from you advising them that you've just re-designed your site and to click a link to go to the front page.

downloadsmcHttpError.pl • 3 KB • Mon 21-Dec-1998

This script allows you to navigate through your image directories using your favorite browser. It actually displays each GIF and JPG file and is especially suited for sites with multiple image subdirectories.

downloadsmcImgList.pl • 5 KB • Fri 15-Mar-2002

If you have a webcam, this script allows you to display one message on your web page if your webcam is currently live, and another message if your webcam is currently turned off.
downloadsmcLive.pl • 4 KB • Mon 05-Apr-1999

"Pull Your Page Out" is a web site navigation tool that allows you to browse throughout the back alleys of your site using your favorite web browser. You move through complete listings of each of your directories. When you click on an HTML file, you view the source of the file (not the formatted web page). When you click on the name of a CGI script, you view the source of the script! Even if it's in your cgi-bin directory. You can even navigate in and out of secured directories (.htaccess) without having to enter a password.
This script is intended for use by the owner of a web site. Just put it into a passworded directory and start browsing. Be sure to verify the user-definable variables at the beginning of the script.

downloadsmcPYPO.pl • 13 KB • Sat 16-Jan-1999

This script accepts a filename via QUERY_STRING and returns a random line from that file.

downloadsmcRandom.pl • 2 KB • Sun 15-Jul-2001

This is a web search utility that searches live HTML files (no index) and provides a nice customizable search results page. Full support of the <META DESC=""> tag is also provided.
1. Download the file and put it in your web directory.
2. Untar it:   tar xvf smcSearch.tar
3. Customize the search.config file to your liking.
4. Do your first search from the html template page provided.
You can continue to use the provided HTML page or you can incorporate the search form in your own page. Since this utility searches live HTML pages, there is never any need to build an index, however, it can be somewhat slow on larger websites.

downloadsmcSearch.tar • 60 KB • Mon 19-May-1997

This is a script that provides a CGI interface to the SWISH search utility. You may need to tweek some variables just a little depending on how you want the SWISH command to perform.

downloadsmcSwish.pl • 5 KB • Tue 22-Dec-1998

This is a Perl library written by Shishir Gundavaram and included in his book CGI Programming on the World Wide Web, published by O'Reilly and Associates. I make it available for download here because it contains a handy subroutine that puts data from an HTML form submission into a hash for easy access.

downloadcommon.pl • 2 KB • Tue 22-Dec-1998

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