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Welcome to this reference of currently supported HTML elements. The site combines the official HTML standard with browser-specific extensions and contains the following information :

The main topic of this site, with descriptions of HTML elements and attributes. Use the selection list at the top of the page to select an element.

Other reference material
HTML isn't the only field you need to master to create websites. So I've included pages explaining other topics like cascading style sheets, Using colors and facts about the Netscape palette, info about the HTML character set and how to use special characters.

FAQ, Tips & Tricks
This section gives answers to HTML-related questions I received and explains some common techniques. You'll find some JavaScripts and information about things like sound, frames, and acting on mouse events.

I've included a searchable directory of other useful sites and resources on the internet.

The default way to navigate this site is with the selection box in the top bar. This requires a JavaScript enabled browser. If your browser doesn't support JavaScript, or you prefer to have all the available pages listed on the left side of the screen, there is an alternative page layout available.

For browsers that don't support a page based on frames, please use this alternative starting page.

made with cascading style sheets

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