Version history

3 august 1999 * A new mirror site, 3 august 1999 * Corrected a type on the address of the California III mirror.
* Some links to faq10.html were wrong, and pointed to faq10.hmtl.
4 july 1999 * New mirrors, Mexico and Portugal.
16 june 1999 * Again new mirrors in Europe, in Yugoslavia and Finland.
6 june 1999 * Corrected a typo in the style sheets page.
* New mirror in Pakistan, the first in Asia.
18 may 1999 * The mirror site England II moved to a new address.
2 may 1999 * New mirror in the USA: Kentucky,
9 may 1999 * The address of the Sweden II mirror has changed.
21 apr 1999 * New mirrors in the USA: New York, Utah and California IV, and one in Argentina.
* Split up the entries for mirrors in America in North America and South America.
31 mar 1999 * Corrected a typo in the WBR description.
3 mar 1999 * A new mirror joins, Ireland III.
1 mar 1999 * A new FAQ page, called How do I include another file inside a HTML file?
* Removed the double titles from all the FAQ pages
28 feb 1999 * Corrected some syntax errors on the start page, thanks to weblint.
26 feb 1999 * Extended the desciption of the background attribute of the BODY tag.
24 feb 1999 * Changed the address of the California III mirror site.
21 feb 1999 * Corrected small typos on the page 'How can I make text scroll in the status bar?', and start page.
* Again changes to mirror sites, a new address for the Wisconsin mirror. Two new mirrors, England II by Paul white, and one in Russia by Vladimir Leschenko.
14 feb 1999 * News on the mirror front: two new mirrors, one in Hungary by Üveges Bálint and one in Luxembourg
by Herve Villance.
The address of the Sweden II mirror site has changed (same server).
2 feb 1999 * A new mirror is available, Ireland II, maintained by Jonathan Bruce.
20 jan 1999 * A new mirror is available in Arizona (USA), by Albert Fowler.
* Added some resources to the style sheets page, and the resource collection.
17 jan 1999 * Corrected an error in the page about the META element causing it to be unreadable, and two typos on the generic attributes page.
* Made a small textual change on the page for the A element.
* Added a second zip file, to allow easier updates for those who downloaded the site. See the download page.
10 jan 1999 * Removed a mirror in Australia from the list.
* I changed the resources so there will be less problems with earlier browsers, like IE 3.0.
3 jan 1999 * I've added a search function, written in JavaScript, so it will also function if you are using this reference off-line.
* Corrected an error that caused the FAQ page about password protecting a page not to work properly.
* Changed the tips&tricks button into faq/tips.
30 dec 1998 * Added the Canada mirror, maintained by Real Martel.
* Added style sheet information to the selection lists.
13 dec 1998 * Added the character entities from HTML 4.0 on the characters page.
* Kieran Colfer kindly set up a mirror in Ireland.
12 dec 1998 * two new FAQ pages: How can I open a new browser window from a link? and How can I make text scroll in the status bar?
9 dec 1998 * A new FAQ page: How can I change two or more pages when a link is clicked?
8 dec 1998 * New mirror: Australia III, by Lee Sanders
* Added links to the HTML version of the resources.
* Structured the page titles, removed my name from it.
6 dec 1998 * Replaced some presentational HTLM coding with style sheets.
* Changed the full names with the copyright information for HTML 4.0 to abbreviations (like on the W3C site).
* Added a page to the tips & tricks section about automatic redirection.
26 nov 1998 * Changed the 'SOURCE' and 'RESULT' images.
Updated the look of the 'related pages' boxes.
25 nov 1998 * Rewrote the legal terms to a more clear and complete form, and removed a line from the download page.
24 nov 1998 * start.html: New colors, new title images.
* characters.html: Added the "out" icon to the link to the W3C.
* quickref1.html: Added the last modification date (actualy it's the date when the page was generated).
* download.html: fixed two links that had no closing A tag; added a border to the table with mirror sites.
22 nov 1998 * Created a separate page with all the colornames you can use.
10 nov 1998 * Small changes to the look of sidebars with links to related pages on the !DOCTYPE, A, BDO, BUTTON, FRAME, FRAMESET, IFRAME, IMG pages.
9 nov 1998 * A new page in the Tips &Tricks section: How can I change the color of a link?. Plus links to this page from the A tag and the color pages.
8 nov 1998 * Added a link to Amazon for Steve Shiflett's book.
26 oct 1998 * Corrected a typo in the link to the Illinois II mirror.
* Added the Pennsylvania mirror set up by Ron Bigham.
11 oct 1998 * Cliff Evans has set up a new mirror in England.
30 sep 1998 * Mirror California III created by William Snyder.
* Changed to new layout for Mind-It subscription.
23 sep 1998 * Trey Dawg created the Texas mirror.
30 aug 1998 * Changed the layout of the start page from three to two columns. Made a selection list for the mirror sites.
* Thanks to Edwin Groeneschey there are two (!) new mirror sites, one in the USA (Washington) and one in the Netherlands.
* I created a new system to change the resources page from a static page to a rs:LinkZ directory. With this system you can create a directory structrure of adresses, split in different categories plus a search facility.
12 aug 1998 * Thanks to Chris Pappe and Ray Trygstad there are two new mirror sites in Illinois, USA. One at Acronet and one at The Illinois Institute of Technology.
8 aug 1998 * Corrected typo that showed some incorrect HTML on the first JavaScript to secure a page
6 aug 1998 * Added the information from the WebTV 2.1 documentation.
5 aug 1998 * Added the ALIGN attribute to the DIV element, plus some new examples.
* Created separate pages for the H1 - H6 elements instead of the incorrect Hx element.
4 aug 1998 * Added the title attribute to the page with generic attributes.
31 jul 1998 * The FAQ page about protecting HTML was extended with a description of using the SRC attribute of the SCRIPT tag to hide the source. Also split the page and put every JavaScript solution on a separate page.
29 jul 1998 * Corrected an error in the script to generate the site because in the quick reference most attributes had their last character removed.
21 jul 1998 * Added a note to the INPUT type FILE, about the support for it in Internet Explorer 3.
12 jul 1998 * Added another way to protect a page with JavaScript
* Updated faq page How can I maintain the layout of my frames?.
28 jun 1998 * Changed the logo to a simpeler form.
* Added links to the start page in the NOFRAMES sections.
27 jun 1998 * Updated: FRAME, ACRONYM.
* Corrected incorrect HTML in the HEAD of non-tags pages.
14 jun 1998 * Added OBJECT element.
* Added scripts to protect against framing by other sites.
* Faq: new page, to make sure a page is loaded inside its frameset. And started to make different categories for questions.
* New mirrors: Italy III, by Maurizio Codogno plus Poland by Marcin Niewiatowski.
* new link to RFC 1867 in description of INPUT element.
10 jun 1998 * Added ALT attributes to images without them.
* Removed the WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes from all the icons, so browsing without images shows the ALT text in some browsers.
9 jun 1998 * Corrected broken links on the pages about DIV and SPAN.
* Added paragraph about navigation on the starting page.
* Added link to the help page to the list of other pages in the navigation.
6 jun 1998 * Merged the information from the log page into this history page, and removed the log page.
* Changed download page: added rules how to become an official mirror, and described how mirror sites can advertise on the homepage. For this I moved name.gif from the upper bar to the homepage.
* Put my own site in the Netherlands to the mirrors on the homepage.
5 jun 1998 * Changed Australia headings for mirrors to Australasia.
* Fixed some broken links on the start page (thanks Scott).
30 may 1998 * Added the help page
* Updated icons in the color palette and style sheets pages.
27 may 1998 * Added BODY:marginwidth,marginheight (Thanks to Bryan White)
24/26 may 1998 * Added support icons for Internet Explorer 4.0.
* Changed source for attributes to lowercase, plus values inside quotes (examples + site).
21 may 1998 * Added TBODY:align,char,charoff,valign TD:char,charoff TFOOT:align,char,charoff,valign TH:char,charoff THEAD:align,char,charoff,valign TR:char,charoff
* Listed the support for every element and attribute from HTML 4.0.
17 may 1998 * Removed old style sheet classes from the pages, for a consistent look.
* Changed attributes in source examples to lowercase.
16 may 1998 * Updated: TD:colspan,rowspan, TH:colspan,rowspan
* Added: TD:%attrs,axis,headers,scope, TEXTAREA:%attrs,disabled,readonly,tabindex,accesskey, TFOOT, TH:%attrs,axis,headers,scope, TITLE:%i18n, THEAD, TITLE:%i18n, TR:%attrs, TT:%attrs, U:%attrs, UL:%attrs, VAR:%attrs
15 may 1998 * Updated: TABLE:cellpadding,cellspacing
* Added: TABLE:%attrs,summary, TBODY, TD:%attrs,abbr
13 may 1998 * Updated: SAMPLE, OPTION:disabled, STRIKE
* Added: SCRIPT:charset,defer,type, SELECT:%attrs,disabled,tabindex, SMALL:%attrs, STRIKE:%attrs, STRONG:%attrs, STYLE:%attrs, SUB:%attrs, SUP:%attrs,
12 may 1998 * Updated: PARAM:valuetype, S
* Added: OL:%attrs, OPTGROUP, OPTION:%attrs, PARAM:type, PRE:%attrs, Q, S:%attrs
6 may 1998 * Updated: INPUT:size,value, LINK:rel, META
* Added: I:%attrs, IFRAME:%coreattrs,longdesc IMG:%attrs,longdesc, INPUT:%attrs,accesskey,disabled,readonly,tabindex, INS, ISINDEX:%coreattrs,%i18n, KBD:%attrs, LABEL, LEGEND, MAP:%attrs, MENU:%attrs, META:scheme, NOFRAMES:%attrs, NOSCRIPT:%attrs
5 may 1998 * Updated: FRAME:frameborder,scrolling
* Added: DIR:%attrs, DIV:%attrs, DL:%attrs, DT:%attrs, EM:%attrs, FIELDSET, FONT:%coreattrs,%i18n, FORM:%attrs,ACCEPT,ACCEPT-CHARSET, FRAME:%coreattrs,longdesc, FRAMESET:%coreattrs, HEAD:profile, HR:%coreattrs,%events
4 may 1998 * Updated: CAPTION:align, COL:align, COLGROUP:align
* Added: CENTER:%attrs, CITE:%attrs, CODE:%attrs, COL:char,charoff,valign,width COLGROUP:char,charoff,valign,width, DD:%attrs, DEL element
3 may 1998 * Added BIG:%attrs, BLOCKQUOTE:cite, BLOCKQUOTE:%attrs, BODY:%attrs, BR:%attrs
* New elements: BUTTON
2 may 1998 * Added APPLET:object, AREA:accesskey, AREA:onblur, AREA:onfocus, AREA:tabindex.
1 may 1998 * Changed the Perl script to add support for the attributes defined in DTD as %coreattrs, %i18n and %events.
* Added ABBR and ACRONYM elements.
30 apr 1998 * Now happy with new look for homepage, logo, and the design for adding tips, resources etc. to separate pages.
* Finally going to do the contents...
21 apr 1998 * Thanks to Stefan Körner for setting up a mirror site in Germany.
31 mar 1998 * Added DTD fragments to the HTML 4.0 elements
30 mar 1998 * I'm proud to announce a book called "Working With Oracle Cartridges" written by Steve Shiflett. Why I'm proud? Well, in this book Steve mentions this site as a reference for HTML, and he also included a picture of the site.
1998/03/29 * Finished new design/navigation
* Updated elements to indicate if they are supported by HTML 4.0.
1998/02/21 * The new look and navigation system is going ok.
* Started updating according to HTML 4.0.
1998/02/09 * Mirrors keep getting in, a new one in Italy yesterday and today one in the USA... Great!
* Thinking about a new look (v3.0).
1998/02/08 * Corrected some errors: a bad link in the BASE example and references to BGSOUND.mid.
1998/01/14 * In all supporting files changed attribute names to lowercase and all the values to include quotes.
1997/12/17 * Guess what? There's a new mirror site. Thanks to Adrian Lord, on the - All Purpose Computing Consultants - site in Australia.

* From the new released HTML reference from Netscape I revised the site and added/updated quite a lot of elements and attributes.
1997/12/14 * From the Netscape HTML reference:
* Corrected the BORDERCOLOR of the FRAME element.
Added description of different JavaScript versions to the SCRIPT element.
* Small addition to the HEIGHT and WIDTH attribute of APPLET.
* Temporarily removed the OBJECT element, until I have a better, more complete description.
1997/12/11 * From the Netscape HTML reference:

* Hey, BASEFONT can be used in the BODY!
* Added javascript: as a 'protocol' for the HREF attribute of the A element.
* In the TABLE element a small addition to the descriptions of the HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes.
1997/12/09 * Corrected an error in the META description, which said that the Keywords and Description are values used with http-equiv.
* Netscape released a HTML reference, and in v4 the following is now supported:
- STYLE: TYPE plus a new value: text/javascript.

* Typo in UL example.
1997/12/05 * Again a new mirror, now in Ohio, USA by Martin T Hugo.
1997/11/25 * A new mirror, down under in Australia by John Woods.
1997/11/10 * Added to BODY: BACKGROUND take precedence over BGCOLOR.
* Changed the name of Award2.gif to award2.gif, so Unix doesn't have a problem finding it. And added al ALT text for this image in start.html.
* Typo on palette.html 126 colors should be 216 colors.
1997/11/09 * Changed some old links from links.html into resources.html
1997/11/02 * I have added a page with some frequently asked questions, Tips & Tricks.
* Added a JavaScript 1.0 alternative for the image-changing script for the TAG_index3.html page so Netscape versions before 3.0 don't choke.
1997/11/01 * A new mirror site in Spain by Juan Calderón Alonso.
1997/10/27 * Changed the support for WebTV to include their 1.2 version of the browser.
1997/10/22 * A new mirror site in New Zealand, provided by John Lawson.
* Netscape supports the background attribute for the TABLE, TH, TD and TR elements.
* Added META keywords to every page.
* Removed the relative URL possibility from the BASE element.
* Added the NAME attribute to the IMG element.
* WebTV changes to v1.2 of their specs:
- Support for the NOEMBED and NOSCRIPT elements.
- Added WebTV icon to the SELECT and SPACER elements.
- WebTV uses a smaller font size with the SUB & SUP elements.
- Added the NOWRAP attribute to the TABLE element.
- removed the NOWRAP attribute from the TD element.
- Added the OnBlur, OnChange, OnFocus and OnSelect attributes to the TEXTAREA element.
1997/10/06 * Yes! Today I got my first award, thanks to Webmaster T.
* Mentioned that there are 216 colors in the Netscape palette.
1997/10/01 * Added the onerror event handler to the image element.
* I changed the WebTV support to their version 1.2.
1997/09/28 * Removed the IE from the LOWSRC attribute of the IMG element.
* Added the mirror sites in Sweden and Italy to the list on the download page.
* Replaced the h_line.gif and h_description.gif by the versions the Gif Wizard made, which have a smaller file size.
1997/09/24 * Changed h_colornames.gif image to the short version, without the line attached.
* Added a   after the icons so the attributes table doesn't have icons overlapping the cell-border when the width of the images is larger then the width of the name the attribute (a NS bug?).
* Added a table to the INPUT element which identifies which attributes can be used with each TYPE.
* Added the ILAYER element (I guess I forgot this one when I put the LAYER in).
* Uploaded a new version, after I reread the descriptions and made some minor changes, among which are additions to the INPUT element and several ALIGN attributes.
* Changed the guestbook from a fixed page to a guestbook supplied by Dreambook
1997/09/23 * Created a separate log file to log all changes to the site.
1997/09/22 * Added some links on the resources page.
1997/09/12 * Two new mirror sites, one in Sweden, by Annica Tiger and in Italy, by Tommaso Gastaldi.
1997/08/27 * Restyled the site, and added a new navigational system. I think it is easier to use, and looks better.
I use JavaScript for loading the pages, so if your browser doesn't support this, you can keep on using the older layout.
1997/08/25 * Changed to another form-processing server, Response-O-Matic for the forms on this site.
1997/08/10 * Removed the LinkExchange banners from the pages because they didn't generate much traffic.
1997/06/29 * A new page with a short introduction to style sheets and the HTML attributes that are used for them.
1997/06/27 * Subscription service URLMinder added, a notification service which will send an email when this site gets updated.
* Added ALT, WIDTH an HEIGHT attributes to every image on the site.
* Description of the LAYER element added.
1997/06/21 * Added image with all the printable characters from the latin-1 character set.
1997/06/15 * Added a form to submit addresses for the resource page.
* Corrected some dead links and other minor errors.
version 2.01 * Some minor additions, and cleaned up a bit in the HTML coding.
version 2 * A new icon added to signal elements and attributes that are present in the HTML 3.2 standard.
* A new look.
version 1.1 * Updated elements and attributes to conform to the HTML 3.2 standard.
version 1 * Initial version.

  Copyright © 1996 - 1999 Rob Schlüter,   (last updated 1999/08/10)